Artist: Donna Summer
Album: Lady of The Night
Songwriters: Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte*
Pete Bellotte**
Producer: Giorgio Moroder
Label: Casablanca Records
Release Date: February 26, 1974

A1. Lady of The Night* (3:58)
A2. Born To Die* (3:24)
A3. Friends* (3:31)
A4. Full Of Emptiness* (2:26)
A5. Domino** (3:14)
B1. The Hostage* (4:16)
B2. Wounded* (2:43)
B3. Little Miss Fit* (3:06)
B4. Let’s Work Together Now** (3:58)
B5. Sing Along (Sad Song)** (3:20)

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