Artist: Donna Summer
Album: Live And More
Songwriters: Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte
Producer: Giorgio Moroder
Label: Casablanca Records
Release Date: August 31, 1978

A1. Once Upon A Time (2:55)
A2. Fairy Tale High (2:21)
A3. Faster And Faster To Nowhere (2:10)
A4. Spring Affair (2:36)
A5. Rumour Has It (2:35)
A6. I Love You (3:27)
B2. I Remember Yesterday (3:38)
B3. Love’s Unkind (2:34)
C1. Try Me, I Know We Can Make It (3:48)
C2. Love To Love You, Baby (3:23)
C3. I Feel Love (6:46)
D2. One Of A Kind (4:57)
D3. Heaven Knows (with Joe “Bean” Esposito) (2:38)

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Donna Summer – Love To Love You, Baby – Live Performance