Artists: Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito
Album: Solitary Men
Songwriter: Giorgio Moroder, Keith Forsey*
Giorgio Moroder, Stefan Zauner**
Giorgio Moroder, Keith Forsey, Sylvester Levay***
Keith Forsey, Sylvester Levay****
Justin Hayward*****
Keith Forsey, Penny McLean******
Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte*******
Producer: Giorgio Moroder
Label: Oasis
Release Date: 1983

A1. Solitary Men* (3:47)
A2. Show Me The Night** (3:48)
A3. My Girl*** (3:53)
A4. Too Hot To Touch* (3:26)
A5. Diamond Lizzy* (3:20)
A6. Washed In The Neon Light**** (4:10)
B1. A Love Affair* (3:47)
B2. Nights In White Satin***** (4:02)
B3. Lady, Lady* (4:16)
B4. White Hotel****** (4:34)
B5. To Turn The Stone******* (3:30)

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Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito – Lady, Lady – Music Video