Artist: Giorgio Moroder
Album: Innovisions
Songwriter: Giorgio Moroder
Producer: Giorgio Moroder
Label: Oasis / Carrere
Release Date: 1985

A1. Night Time Is The Right Time (feat. Edie Marlena) (3:58)
A2. My Girl (feat. Joe Esposito) (3:53)
A3. American Dream (feat. Paul Engemann) (4:09)
A4. Baby Blue (4:17) (1985 Remix)
A5. From Here To Eternity (1985 Brian Reeves Remix) (3:22)
B1. Reach Out (feat. Paul Engemann) (3:43)
B2. Shannon’s Eyes (feat. Paul Engemann) (3:58)
B3. The Chase (1985 Brian Reeves Remix) (4:22)
B4. Lady Lady (feat. Joe Esposito) (3:46)
B5. Face To Face (feat. Paul Engemann) (3:49)