Artist: Madleen Kane
Album: Don’t Wanna Lose You
Songwriters: Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte*
Giorgio Moroder, Keith Forsey**
Pete Bellotte, Sylvester Levay***
Giorgio Moroder, Madleen Kane****
Producer: Giorgio Moroder
Label: Chalet
Release Date: 1981

A1. You Can* (6:56)
A2. The Lonely One** (3:44)
A3. Playing For Time* (3:30)
A4. Treat Me Like A Lady** (3:28)
B1. Don’t Wanna Lose You* (4:30)
B2. Fire In My Heart*** (4:16)
B3. Mon Amour**** (3:11)
B4. Take Me To Your Heaven* (4:57)


Madleen Kane – You Can – Live Performance