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Culture / Boogie Nights
By Fan Zhong
March 18, 2015

W Magazine / Culture / Boogie Nights

The craze for electronic dance music rages on unabated—the DJ Calvin Harris made $66 million last year tweaking the pulses of glow-stick wavers—but the man who first brought this synth-rich sound to the mainstream was, for a time, largely forgotten. The Italian producer Giorgio Moroder started out performing in German discotheques in the ‘70s and went on to define the sound of that era. He fell off the map about the same time disco slid off the charts, but he re-emerged, to great fanfare, in 2013, on Daft Punk’s hit album Random Access Memories. Next month, Moroder is releasing his first record in 25 years, featuring up-and-comers like Charli XCX. Its lead single? “74 Is the New 24.”

“I won my first Oscar in 1979, for the Midnight Express score. Dean Martin presented 
the award to 
me. I bumped into a light walking to the stage. Up there, I spoke about stupid things. Disaster.”
Courtesy of Giorgio Moroder.